"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." - TOMMY LASORDA

Being literate is only one aspect of education. The value of knowledge is revealed in the glimmering hues that brighten our life. With these words, I formally welcome you all to Subodh, a prestigious name in the world of education devoted to defining the aesthetic and moral principles that form the backbone of our lives' stories.

IThe prestigious S.S. Jain Subodh Commerce and Arts College is committed to providing its students with analytical and creative knowledge. We have the drive to shine like a polestar in order to serve our fascinating and attentive learners with navigational guidance because of our humanistic vision and steadfast mission.

TThe secret to success is an attitude of experimentation, curiosity, and enthusiasm. The college has careful professors that foster a culture of learning and teaching that raises the college's stature. Subodh strives to uphold excellent levels of education by persistent but sincere efforts that keep us motivated to do our best work.

TIn all of their curricular and extracurricular activities, our students have proven themselves. High scores and a studious attitude show a sharp and classic intellectual perception.

The College Management, a totally committed team of visionaries, will accompany your dear one at every step, I assure the parents and guardians. The students here should realise their full potential and help to create a stronger country, in my opinion. rld with its sweetest fruits.

Wish you all a cordial greet and success for life!

(Shri Anil Kumar Gokhroo)
College Management Committee


Universal Words

A living body is not merely an integration of limbs and flesh but it is the abode of the soul which potentially has perfect perception (Anant-darshana), perfect knowledge (Anant-jnana), perfect power and perfect bliss (Anant-sukha):-
Lord Mahavira