Established to promote the intellectual and moral values amongst the students, S.S. Jain Subodh Commerce & Arts College believes in a vision to serve the society at its best. The college possesses a positive environment which aims to influence the students to add the extra strokes on the canvas of their lives. Located in the heart of the city, the institution is easily approachable to the various students of the society. The college comprises of a well formed infrastructure including well equipped classrooms, play fields and other essential facilities. Since its inception, the college had been nourished and nurtured by eminent educationalists and leaders whose selfless and untiring efforts, helped in continuous development of the institution.

The college focuses on technology-enhanced learning through online technologies which ensures that our students are prepared to shine in continuouslyc increasines digital world. The college’s commitment to student success comprises of a full range of support and career counseling services available to students throughout their learning journey. The college has been imparting quality education to more than 4000 students.

College has an impressive academic tradition of excellence in higher education at under graduate level and makes a plenty of facilities for development of an integrated and skilled personality. Seminars, debates, quiz and ICT enabled classes help the students to get more in depth knowledge of the subject which continues to add in their intellectual and holistic development. College also facilitates students for their achievements in academic and extra-curricular activities. Scholarships and other financial aids are also been granted on the basis of merit.

The college has experienced, dedicated as well as highly talented faculty members of all subjects. Our faculty members have number of books and articles in journals of national and international repute. The college is well known for its continuous environment of learning through regular classes. It has huge infrastructure with more than 33 classrooms and two modern well-furnished seminar/conference halls with audio-visual facilities. It has well stacked library with continual addition of latest reference books, journals and magazines and internet facilities.

The previous session was extraordinary good in terms of achievements and outstanding performances which is going to be a threshold for further growth.


Universal Words

A living body is not merely an integration of limbs and flesh but it is the abode of the soul which potentially has perfect perception (Anant-darshana), perfect knowledge (Anant-jnana), perfect power and perfect bliss (Anant-sukha):-
Lord Mahavira