Director's Message


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
We at Subodh commerce and Arts College strongly believe that Education should consist of a series of continuous enhancements, each raising the individual to a higher level of awareness, knowledge, understanding, and higher degree of the humanity.

The process of education takes you in the field of consciousness. The prerequisite to complete education is therefore, the full development of consciousness leading to enlightenment. Knowledge acquired through education is the greatest power one possesses. Nothing great was ever achieved without it. It is worth mentioning that the new courses are being introduced every year to offer a holistic choice of avenues for the students to explore and discover their inherent potential towards realization of their ambitions dreams.
Moreover, the responsibility of education is to cultivate students’ interests and develop their learning skills. Education can be rendered more effective, if the Educational institutions assume responsibility for imparting professional knowledge and cultivating students’ interests.
At Subodh College of Commerce and Arts, in addition to the above, we assure state of the art facilities coupled with effective teaching by highly motivated faculty members who excel in their area of their specialization. Subodh is a progressive educational institution which consistently attempts to offer the best educational facilities to its students while evolving itself to the changing educational needs of the corporate world. We groom our students to develop into individuals with strong values and an urge to excel and succeed.
Our various courses go beyond those of other colleges to instill students a complete entrepreneurial mindset. The program teaches students to not only recognize opportunity, but to create it; an essential ability in a business environment that is constantly evolving.
Our program provides you with the tools to lead and manage in today’s ever-changing global Corporate landscape. You will learn not just theory but how to apply cutting-edge concepts to real, relevant business problems. Through a meticulous and constantly evolving program we teach students how to work smarter, be more competent and create a better way to a bright future.
We are committed towards providing students with an education that lasts and evolves over a lifetime by infusing indispensable wisdom and knowledge to succeed in the fast changing, competitive global scenario .
We, at Subodh College, not only impart the quality education, but also deliver the worthy experience of more than 37 Years, this builds the pavement of the success and bright future of our students Creativity and innovation are dual essentials to success, as we live in the intensive competitive world.
I sincerely wish that you should be both creative and innovative.
Best wishes for a more glorious academic session 2014-15
(Prof. K.B. Sharma)
S.S. Jain Subodh Commerce & Arts College, Jaipur