Download Prospectus :

Admission Process and Procedure :

  1. Application for admission must be made in the prescribed form available in the office or can be downloaded from college website
  2. Prospectus can be collected on remittance of requisite fee of 200/-
  3. The duly filled application form should be submitted to the office either in person or by post before the stipulated date.
  4. Minimum eligibility criteria for application to the course would be as per the state government norms.

5. Eligibility Criteria For B.Com./B.A. Part I:

* Minimum 45% for B.Com. and 48% for last qualifying exam (10+2) for students from Rajasthan / CBSE Board / any other equivalent Board

  1. The process of admission will be strictly on the basis of merit. The Weightage will be given as per the State Government norms
  2. Students seeking admission in B.A. Part – I will have to choose three optional papers from any one group only (Group A to G )
  3. If a student has a gap of two regular academic sessions in regular course, then a regular/private student will be allowed to take admission in 1st year, provided he presents an “Affidavit” declaring that he not been associated with any of the college as regular/private student, during the gap year/s.

9. Candidates admitted to the college must deposit the requisite college fee at the respective Fee counter through following ways:

* Demand Draft / Pay Order of any Bank in Favor of “Principal, S. S. Jain Subodh Commerce and Arts College” payable at Jaipur.
* Online fee submission through Net Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card by link given on College website

  1. Respective documents must be duly attached with the admission form in order to avail the benefit of Sports, NCC, NSS, and Rover before the declaration of the cut off list.
  2. In case of online fees deposition by the student, confirmation of admission shall be made only after the deposition of original documents and collection of the FEE RECEIPT by the student from the college office only.
  3. A weightage of 3% will be given to Jain minority candidates in all courses at time of admission. If the candidate has claimed more than one weightage then only one highest weightage will be given.
  4. Decision taken by the admission committee will be treated as final. All the disputes are subject to Jaipur Jurisdiction only.
    Note: Office Timings of the college will be 12:00 Noon – 04:00 pm.
  5. All the disputes regarding admission are subject to Jaipur Jurisdiction only.

Right of Rejection / Denial of Admission :

1. Director / Principal has the right to reject the admission under following circumstances :

* In case the applicant has hidden any related fact willingly.

* In case the applicant has not deposited application form and fees within time or he has submitted the incomplete form.

* In case the admission of the candidate does not fulfill the norms of University of Rajasthan.

* In case the applicant is indulged in the use of unfair means like bribery or terror in order to take admission in college.

* In case he has been punished for using unfair means during his board exams.

* In case he has been corrupted/misbehaved during the period of his board with any member of the institution.

* In case of non-availability of seat.

  1. Admission shall not be given to those students who want admission in the same class for the purpose of improvement of marks. The college has the right of denial of admission to those students (regular/private) who have failed in the previous examination/ have not appeared in the same.
  2. Admission will be given to the failed students only once, if they carry the certificate of inter university / interstate or international competitions.
  3. Applicants appearing for supplementary exam, can take admission in the next class within the given time period.
  4. The eligibility of a candidate to appear in the concerned examination/position in the order of merit, the minimum passing marks, instead of the marks obtained in the paper/subject of supplementary exam will be taken into consideration.
  5. Based on the above rules the candidate who has been admitted as a regular student, but has failed in the supplementary exams, then his regular admission will be automatically cancelled.
  6. The regular students, who are eligible for Part II & Part III have to fill re-admission forms, within 15 days from the date of declaration of the result, otherwise they can be denied admission in the course.

Rules & Regulations :

  1. Director / Principal have the right to make amendments in the rules published in prospectus.
  2. Changes if any, in the syllabus by the University of Rajasthan will be applicable as such.
  3. Students, taking admission for the first time in the university, must submit duly filled enrollment form along with the examination form in order to get themselves enrolled. Information related to enrollment will be displayed on the notice board.
  4. No change will be made once the optional subject is allotted to a student. Director / Principal have the right to make any changes in the allotment of subject within 10 days of admission only in unfavorable condition. But attendance of such candidate will be counted from the very first day of admission
  5. Students themselves shall be responsible for the attendance record. Teachers will keep their respective students updated about the attendance at the end of every month. Students, failing to stand the 75% of attendance, have to appear as non-collegiate candidate.
  6. Students whose result is declared late by the University, attendance will be counted from the 10th day of result declaration or admission date whichever is early. No relaxation will be entertained for attendance in any circumstances. If anyone is found guilty towards his academics, no relaxation will be given for attendance.
  7. Relaxation in attendance for the students participating in sports or academic activities will be considered only when they fall short of it. Otherwise, no case will be considered.
  8. Students can take part only in one of these activities i.e. Games / NSS/NCC/ Rover.
  9. For commerce faculty, class arrangements have been made for both Hindi and English medium students.
  10. Academic evaluation of students: “Term Tests” are conducted in order to make students familiar with examination pattern and to develop their answering skills. Faculty members evaluate the answer sheets and try to make betterment in the student’s performance. Parents / Guardians are regularly informed about the progress of their ward.
  11. The entry in the college premises is only by the college identity card. Therefore, every student should wear identity -card daily in neck so that it is visible to all.
  12. Parents / Guardians should timely keep themselves informed about the progress of their ward. They can communicate with the concerned head and related faculty members.
  13. Parents / Guardians will be responsible for the character, behavior and due fee of their ward.
  14. The college provides concessions in bus or railway fare only on the occasion of long vacations. In order to avail this facility student must submit application in the office before three days.
  15. Bus / Railway concession is granted on the basis of permanent address.
  16. Students must park their vehicle in the parking zone and get the receipt of token fee. Their vehicles must have the registration number in order to avoid any inconvenience. Student himself will be responsible if he parks his vehicle on other than the allotted parking area. Four wheelers of the students are not allowed in the college campus.
  17. College office hours are: 12:00 noon to 04:00 pm.
  18. It is compulsory for the students to wear college uniform, every day.

Discipline & Code of Conduct

The aim of the college is teaching, research, and service. Inherent in this aim is the responsibility of the College to educate its students to be responsible and civic minded citizen. College students must possess good character and behavior so that they can pose as symbol of the college.

All students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that help enhancing the environment of learning, wherein the rights, dignity, worth and freedom of each member of the college are respected.

The Code of Conduct of Student outlines the student’s behavior and disciplinary policies that pertain to him at college. Any student found responsible for the violation of any clause outlined in this section is subject to disciplinary action. In order to maintain the image and name of the renowned college, all the students must follow/adhere to the rules strictly.

Following are the rules and regulations which act as guidelines for the students :

  1. Any change in contact number of the student/ parent/ guardian or home address should to be notified to college office.
  2. Every student must attend all the classes regularly and wear their identity -card every day to college.
  3. As per Supreme Court verdict, Ragging is a punishable offence and therefore such activities are strictly prohibited for the college students within the campus or outside the campus. FIR will be registered against such students who are found involved in ragging or other similar activities.
  4. It is compulsory for the students to carry their identity card every day to college. They must present it when asked by any staff member of the college.
  5. Smoking, chewing tobacco, liquor consumption etc. is strictly prohibited. If any student is found breaking the rules then action would be taken against him
  6. Use of mobile phones is strictly banned within the college campus.
  7. Disorderly conducts including, but not limited to, verbal abuses or inappropriate behaviors or any other activities or behaviors is prohibited by the college authority and is a punishable act.
  8. Damage, defacement, or destruction of college property in any of the form will be a punishable offence.
  9. Noise or behavior that disrupts the academic environment will not be acceptable and in case of violation, strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  10. Marking of proxy attendance is a punishable offence.
  11. Any type of negligence would not be entertained in the college campus.

Important Note:

The college uniform has to be worn daily by the students and can be obtained from the uniform distribution counter in the college on presenting the fee receipt.
All the college students should abide by traffic rules while crossing the Rambagh Circle or nearby college campus area. The college won’t be responsible in case of any mishap due to traffic rules violation by students.

Fee Detail :

(A) Class Wise Annual Fee
Total Fee Payable(in ₹)
 B. COM. PT I16,000
 B. COM. PT II16,000
 B. COM. PT III16,200
 B. A. PT I16,000
 B. A. PT II16,000
 B. A. PT III16,200
 (A) Other Fee
 B.A (Geography)1500
 Physical Education500
 (C) University Fee
 ENROLLMENT / ELIGIBILITY FEEAs per University norms at the time of examination
 ANNUAL EXAM FEEAs per University norms at the time of examination
 Admission Form Link
 Fill Online Admission FormDownload Offline Admission Form
Note: - Additional fee for Geography ₹ 1500/-
Additional fees for Physical Education ₹ 500/-

Rules & Regulations of Fee :

  1. Timely deposition of fee is a mandatory.
  2. If the student is unable to pay the fee, his name will automatically be removed from the college. Student will deposit the fee through challan issued by the admission committee at any branch of HDFC Bank in Jaipur. The college will give the fee receipt on submitting the college copy of challan to cashier/ admission clerk of the college.
  3. Student has to pay the fee of the entire session, irrespective of the fact whether; admission is being taken in the beginning or midsession.
  4. At the time of admission, student has to pay the entire annual fee and caution money.
  5. The information regarding university examination fee will be displayed on the notice board timely. Students are required to deposit the fee with the examination form before the last date fixed by the university. The college will not be responsible for any lapse on the part of the student concerned.
  6. Students are strictly advised to deposit their fee at the authorized counter of the cashier through Demand Draft/Pay Order/Challan (to be deposited in HDFC Bank) and collect the receipt of the same. It is for the information of the student that only authorized person is responsible to collect the fee, on behalf of the college administration, no one else.
  7. Meritorious and talented students will also be entitled for free ship and textbooks, in case they apply for the same.
  8. No refund or credit of tuition fees, or other costs associated with attendance of the institute will be made to students when disciplinary sanctions are imposed which result in the student's being deprived of privileges and/or access to services.
  9. Meritorious but financially weak students will be entitled for relaxation in tuition fee. No other relaxation will be granted. Financial assistance will be made available from “Students Assistance Fund”. Those who wish to take assistance from this fund may also apply on prescribed application form in the month of December. Relaxation will be granted by the free ship committee.
  10. Fee once deposited will not be refunded in any circumstances.
  11. The caution money will be returned through account payee cheque only. If the student does not collect his caution money within a year, the money will be transferred to student alumni fund of the college. The application form for refund of caution money can be collected in the month of December.


Universal Words

A living body is not merely an integration of limbs and flesh but it is the abode of the soul which potentially has perfect perception (Anant-darshana), perfect knowledge (Anant-jnana), perfect power and perfect bliss (Anant-sukha):-
Lord Mahavira